Breakfast Bread

As promised… or at least hinted at… I’ll share with you my breakfast bread endeavor.  I know two posts in one day is a lot to handle.  Sorry about that.

But I love this stuff. It’s nutty and dense with bits of fruit and a light sprinkling of chocolate chips and it’s the perfect companion to the fresh peach jam I got in New York coming home from vacation.  I admit, it is another Pinterest recipe.

Another confession.  This was not my best-ever bread.  It was delicious but the process was a little iffy.  My fault.  When I knead bread, I tend to be a bit overzealous.  You may have noticed I’m also slightly impatient, so waiting for bread to rise is a bit of a stretch for me.

Anyway, this recipe is from Roxana’s Home Baking via Pinterest, as I already said.

As far as bread goes, it’s fairly simple and quick.  One things I love about bread is that it really only takes a few dishes, ergo minimal clean up.

So here it goes:

1 cup lukewarm water

3 1/2 cup bread flour, divided

2 t active dry yeast

1 T butter, melted

1/3 cup maple syrup (I used honey and maple syrup)

2 t cinnamon

1 t salt

1 cup rolled oats

3/4 cup walnuts (I used pecans in addition to walnuts)

3/4 cup raisins (I used craisins)

I didn’t measure out the craisins or nuts, and I added mini chocolate chips, nutmeg, and ground cloves.  I love cinnamon and spice, so I used a ton of these things.

Combine water, yeast, and 1 cup of flour and let rest for 10 minutes.  It should double in volume.

(Mine didn’t…)

With the dough hook on, mix in butter, syrup, cinnamon (and other spices), walnuts, raisins, salt, and oats (and whatever else you want).  Slowly add in flour until dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl.  I only ended up using a little under 3 cups to do this, but see what works out for you.

Take out of mixing bowl, place in greased bowl and let rise for 1 hour.

Once dough has doubled in size, punch it down and form it into a log and place it in a greased 9″ x 5″ bread pan, cover it, and let it sit for another half hour.

Preheat oven to 375° F and put bread in oven for 35 minutes once it reaches temperature.  I added about 10 more minutes to my bread, which left the inside barely dough-y, just a tad squishy.

Let the bread cool in the pan for a bit, the cool completely on a wire rack out of the pan.

photo (3)

When I make this again, I’ll add raisins (possibly in addition to craisins and/or dried cherries), orange zest, and any other meaty nut or dried fruit I have on hand.  I’d also like to try it with whole wheat flour.

I like to think this bread is healthy because it says “breakfast” and it has fruit and nuts and oats in it.  Depending on your diet/opinion on healthy, it could work.  Either way, it was scrumptious.  While the inside was soft and chewy and chock full of delicious fillings, the outside was crusty and delicious.  Crusty, I find, is only a good word to use when describing good crust.

However, the rising thing just didn’t seem to work out for me too well this time.

Not only is this a wonderful breakfast, but a quick dinner before a work shift.  Nuts have protein okay?  I’m covering the food groups mostly.

Anyway, I just got a nice bundle of peaches from a friend’s peach tree… So in the next few days, keep your eyes open for jams, crumbles, and a whole manner of peachy-keen recipes.  I haven’t quite decided what to make with them yet.  If there’s something you’d like to see, or if you have a great peach recipe, comment below.  Have a great day!

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