My Quandary with Baking Mixes

It’s taken me quite some time but I’ve finally decided that I’ll focus my blog on food. Making food is my passion, I’m in love with it. No denial here. I love making something from a bunch of things that don’t really seem to add up to make the result. I love flavor experimentation and tasting and presentation. The list goes on. Baking is wonderful. It’s soothing and exciting at the same time, it can basically take you anywhere you want to go (Imagination may or may not be required). It results in a creation you can (hopefully) be proud of. But even if it tastes horrible, at least you tried, right? That’s what’s great about it, the homemade factor.

But then there’s baking mixes.

They’re handy, good in a time fix, a good jumping off point for a daunting recipe, but they just don’t have the same appeal for me.

But back up, I’m not a box snob. I’m not embarrassed to use cake mix every now and then. However it certainly takes away from the experience (in exchange for a shorter amount of  time and ingredients).

For example, I’ve never made an angel food cake. Many recipes I’ve seen call for about a dozen egg whites and careful folding. I hate folding batter. So I use a box.

They just seem to take away the creativity and personality of your creation.  So my goal is to (hopefully by the end of the summer) make my own angel food cake from scratch. When I do that, I’ll post for you guys. In the meantime, I’ll attempt to update you more often on my bakig adventures.

If you have any experience with making angel food cakes, tips, funny moments etc. or a great recipe, let me know in the comments below! Thanks!

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