Finally Fall

So guys, guess why I’m excited.  I’ll give you a hint.  (The title of this post maybe?!)


I LOVE FALL.  Scarves and sweaters and boots and leaves and pumpkins and cinnamon and Thanksgiving and chilly fall air and bonfires and… I could go on for ages.  The first OFFICIAL day of fall is on September 22nd.  That’s basically tomorrow!  It’s actually less than 3 days, but I couldn’t wait that long!!!  And even though it was 80° F today, I was dressed for fall to show how EXCITED I am for this season.

To celebrate the almost-almost-almost first day of fall, I made fresh, hot, cinnamon-y applesauce. Mmm… ♥  It’s one of my favorite things about fall.  Then you scoop it out of the pot and you sprinkle it with cinnamon and it’s still warm and mmmmmm…  I’m in love.

Let me tell you another thing I love about fall.  The Farmer’s Market.  Yesterday I drove my dad over there and we browsed around the various booths and vendors.  Well, I was browsing, my dad was hurrying.  Side note.  As much as I say I hate my town, I actually really love it.  It’s the best college town anywhere.  I just wish it weren’t so close to home.  Otherwise, I would go to school here.  End side note.  So, we were picking out apples from the stand and I saw a nice pile of deep red juicy Jonathan apples.  The sign above them said they were the best apple for saucing.  So I convinced my dad to buy some so I could sauce (yes, sauce is a verb in this context), and I picked out seven delicious apples.

Also at the farmer’s market I found apple butter, which I am also in love with.  But no, I couldn’t settle for you average apple butter.  I spotted PUMPKIN BUTTER which I decided to try, and let me just say, that this is a case where trying new things paid off one hundred times over.  So I went home with my Pork and Sauerkraut Shepard’s Pie, my apples, and my pumpkin butter (and some other delicious fresh foods and meats etc.).

As soon as I got home, my sisters and mom and I devoured the Shepard’s Pie and started on the Pumpkin butter.  SO GOOD.

Then today I made stuffed french toast (for original recipe see “The Chocolate Legacy,” an older blog post of mine) with PUMPKIN BUTTER and Panera NY Cheesecake Cream Cheese.  On a bakery roll.  Yum.

To make that, just slather some pumpkin or apple or peach butter on one slice of bread, and your favorite cream cheese flavor on the other.  Keep in mind clashing flavors…  I had mine on a roll, so just make sure the side you are frying is flat.  Then whisk together one egg and some milk or cream, dunk your sandwich in that, and fry it up to desired golden-ness in a buttered pan.  If you’re confused at this, leave a comment and I can give you an actual recipe.

Now on to my APPLESAUCE ♥

This recipe I actually invented, so there’s no preciseness to it, but I’ll try for those of you who prefer precision.

7 Jonathan apples (or any other type of apples that are recommended.  Lists are easy to find on the internet, or ask a local grower.)


Cinnamon Stick and Ground Cinnamon

More water/apple cider

Wash your apples and put them in a stock pot.  Cover with water.  Apples float, so just guestimate the amount.

Put on high heat for about twenty minutes until skins are peeling off.  You should be able to easily slide a knife most of the way to the core of the apple.  Pulp may be coming off the the apples.  Strain them and let them cool for about 20 more minutes.  Save all pulp that comes off in the strainer or in the peels.

Once cool enough to handle, peel the apples the rest of the way and core them, cutting them into 1″ pieces, and put them back in the stock pot.

Pour 1/2 cup of water, or 1/2 cup of apple cider (or do 1/4 cup of both), in addition to a cinnamon stick or two and ground cinnamon to taste and bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Mash them with a potato masher.  If you want bigger pieces in your applesauce, then STOP THERE!  If you want smooth applesauce with no chunks, let your sauce cool a little longer and then blend in a food processor or blender.

Serve warm with MORE cinnamon.  Or  you can refrigerate it.  This recipe makes about a quart of sauce, which is really not that much when it come to my family.

Here’s mine…


So I hope you guys had a great day, and have a fabulous fall!  Eat some apple butter, pumpkin pie, and have a generous serving of applesauce with every meal.

Happy Fall!

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