Happy September 22nd!!!

IT’S OFFICIALLY THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!!! Prepare for this delicious season by stocking up on pocket change for lattes and pumpkin bagels!  Also, let me know your favorite fall recipes, and maybe I’ll blog about my favorite… Fun Fact:  According to Glamour magazine, hats and the color emerald green are in for fall 2013. I […]

Finally Fall

So guys, guess why I’m excited.  I’ll give you a hint.  (The title of this post maybe?!) IT’S PRACTICALLY FALL. I LOVE FALL.  Scarves and sweaters and boots and leaves and pumpkins and cinnamon and Thanksgiving and chilly fall air and bonfires and… I could go on for ages.  The first OFFICIAL day of fall […]

For God’s Sake, Keep Going!

A famous quote by Winston Churchill goes like this:  “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” I do not know the context of that quote, so I can easily apply it to anything I want to apply it to.  Isn’t that the lovely thing about quotes?  You don’t really need context.  A simple phrase from […]