Excuses, Excuses

Hello all… I apologize for not not blogging sooner. I could give you a long list of excuses as to why I haven’t blogged in so long.  A. I’ve been on vacation.

Well, I did promise to blog didn’t I? Yes, I do recall that I did say that…  B. But I hardly ever had service

I had plenty of time to blog when I did have service…  C. Even after I got home I had so much to do.

I could go on and on with excuse after excuse.  And even if every single one was true, there would still be some sort of loophole.  So in short, the reason why I haven’t blogged is because I’ve been lazy and “didn’t feel like it.”

Yeah…  That’s the embarrassing truth.  But if I’m being completely honest here, I haven’t really been doing much of anything.  Ever since I got my new phone, I’ve been obsessively checking Twitter and Instagram and reading novels I want to read, not ones that are necessary for me to pass the first semester of school this year, which, thank God, has not started just yet.  Unfortunately, I’m running out of time to read these books.  It’s summer, I get to do what I want to do, not what I have to do, right?  Not exactly.  Sadly, the Summer Reading Program is a mandatory assignment.

In middle school and elementary school, in was optional, and I definitely took that for granted.  My mom always made me do it anyway, but thankfully the assignments were easy.  Character interviews, summarizing essays, creative writing options, and posters were some of the options.  Now I realize that I took all of these easy opportunities for granted.

In fact, I take a lot of things for granted.  In order for me to realize this, it always seems as though something dramatic has to happen.  In February of 2012, I went on a mission trip to Honduras, where we were building houses and digging sewer holes.  The children of the village were so cute, but they had to live in such horrible conditions.  We saw one of the younger children chewing on a chicken bone because she was so hungry, but had nothing else to eat.  They wore many of the same clothes over in the one week we stayed.  They had no access to toothbrushes, so they had cavities, and no medicine, so some of  the community members were too sick to get out of bed.

When I got home, I realized how fortunate I was compared to these people.  We pulled into the garage around 5 am, and it was almost funny that we had a house for our cars.  Because our garage was the size of their homes.  I frequently throw away food when they have none, and I complain about having nothing to wear when the families in Honduras really don’t.  But I didn’t give up my clothes and send them to Community Aid, or throw away my jewelry, because I’m selfish and used to living that way.  It’s all about material stuff.  Material shit that we really don’t need, but we convince ourselves that we do.

I’m focused on tangible crap when I should really concentrate on things that matter, like friends and family.  I’ll be the first to say that my relationships aren’t perfect.  I’m not living in paradise and walking on sunshine when it comes to family and friends, whom I also take for granted.  I have that attitude sometimes where I think they’ll come running back to me no matter what I do.  But the people I have relationships with are human too.  They have feelings and opinions just like I do.  They have the right to get angry at what I say and do, and they can make their own choices without me meddling.  I’m not involved in a whole lot of drama, but I have lost and grown apart from my share of friendships.  It’s a situation where I don’t realize how much I’m going to miss them until they leave.

In short, when it comes to appreciation, I’m not exactly the top of the list for showing it.  Of course, I’m probably not the only one.  As it happens, I could go into a long spiel about jealousy, which I find goes hand-in-hand with taking things for granted.  But for that, I’ll just reference you to my FIRST EVER POST called “Miss Brightside.”

Again, I apologize for my long delay in giving you this post.  Also, I’m still interested in any feedback you may have about anything at all.  Have a great Wednesday, and good luck in school and your various other endeavors!

P.S.  Have a Playlist!

The Great Salt Lake by Band of Horses

With or Without You (cover) by 2cellos

I’ll Be (acoustic) by Edwin McCain

Sheets by Damien Jurado

Expression by Helen Jane Long

Miss Ohio by Blind Pilot

When U Love Somebody by Fruit Bats

Someone Else’s Life by Joshua Radin

This Year’s Love by David Gray

Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise? by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

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