It’s SATURDAY!!!  That shouldn’t be all that exciting because it’s summer anyway, so practically every day is a Saturday.  On this particular Saturday morning, I wake up and find myself craving nothing but croissants!  They’re flaky and buttery and they melt in your mouth and they’re all around DELICIOUS.  Mmm…  Unfortunately, we have no croissants at my house.  No dough in the freezer or anything.  So I log onto my trusty Pinterest account and every good recipe (homemade I mean) takes like…  3 DAYS!!!  Well, I don’t have three days.  Hardly 3 minutes!  And unfortunately, Panera stopped making croissants!!!  What is with that?

I guess I’ll just have to suffer.

So since it’s summer, I think it’d be appropriate to tell you what I am doing this summer.  Or at least the main thing.  Besides loafing around in search of croissants and Janet Evanovich books.  Sometime in mid-July, we are taking a family vacation!  Hooray!  We usually go to the Jersey shore and the Adirondacks with family…  But not this year!  This year, we’re adventuring out west…  With just my immediate family…  In an RV.

I’m slightly worried about my sanity.  And my life for that matter.

Anyway, it should be very fun.  I’ve…never been out West…despite the fact that my family and I have lived here our entire lives.  (We don’t get out much.)

So my goal this summer is to blog every time we enter a new state, and upload some picture for you to see, if, like my family and I, you have never set foot beyond the east coast for the most part.

Oh, did I mention neither of my parents have ever driven an RV?  Ever?  And you have to be 25 to drive the thing, so neither my sister or I can take the load off for them unfortunately.  It would have been pretty interesting maneuvering through the highway in it…

Ah well.  But before our trip, I will be away this summer, mostly in places without internet and a ban on electronics for the most part.  So that would be the reason why I won’t be updating until mid-ish July.  I’ll be leaving late June, early July for my other summer endeavors, so I’ll probably post one more time  before leaving you guys.

Please, share with your friends so they can get ‘caught up’ on reading my other posts while I’m gone.  Not that they really need to, to understand my posts because they don’t exactly relate. I type what comes to mind the majority of the time.  I’m still looking for a main ‘theme’ to blog about, if you have any ideas.  Enjoy your summers!

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