Useless Percentiles…

What’s difficult?  What is difficult is blogging when you have nothing to say.  I admit, I love talking.  But the majority of what comes out of my mouth could probably be left unsaid.  If you would appreciate a percentage to go along with that statement if you’re an approximated logic type of person, here you go:  “About 95.78% of the things I say is pretty much useless to anybody.  That leaves about 4.22 percent of useful information.”  (Yes, I did have to actually plug that into a calculator, I’m not good at math, please don’t judge me.)

In fact, I bet the majority of posts I post are just me blathering on about nothing in particular.   So if you wonder what I’m actually like, it’s pretty much the same.  But with more grammatical errors and incorrect pronunciations and stuttering.  I sometimes stutter because I have to much useless information to convey in such a short amount of time that I try to say it all at once.  Doesn’t work.

One thing about blogging I love is that I have all the time in the world to conjure a post.  I can delete phrases and cut and paste entire paragraphs to where they make more sense.  I can come up with better words to use (or look them up on the online thesaurus) and I can basically say whatever I want however I want.  Everything with words.  I love words.  They’re like…  I have no words to describe them.  I probably (maybe, at least I hope anyway) sound slightly more…also at a loss for words here… sophisticated (to say in the least) on my blog than I do in person.  If you actually know me, you may or may not agree.  In history class, we used to have Socratic discussions, and I would sit there are think of something really very clever to say, but when it came out of my mouth, I sounded like a complete and total fool.  I can speak sophisticate.  I don’t study eloquence.  Maybe I should.

But that is why I love to write.  Because I can spend so much time just tweaking one single sentence to make it sound the way I want it to, and no one will know if it just came out of my head or I spent an  hour poring over the working.

I recently saw a TED talk on that site that doesn’t exactly have much to do with this particular post, but I really enjoyed it, so I will connect it to this so I have an excuse to share it with you.  Here’s my connection.

I’m no good at public speaking.  Even if I already have a page of beautifully crafted words right in front of me, I still stumble.  My knees shake, my hands tremble and sweat and my voice quivers.  (That’s another thing I like about blogging–no one actually is looking directly at me as I type this.)  So yes, even if I had the most brilliant speech-writers in the world compose a talk for me to give, even if I knew the material inside-out, I would still fail.  I would absolutely suck.  I would crash and burn.  Explode.  Implode.  Spontaneously combust.  I think you understand.  Even if I talk about a topic I’m super passionate about.  Or I’m delivering a message that I think is the most important message that humanity has ever and will ever hear.

That was not a very good connection.

I’m sorry…

However, I will still share this video with you.  This woman has a great message, and it’s about writing!  Fantastic!  Please watch.

It’s called The Danger of a Single Story.

I will warn you… it’s uhmm… 18 minutes long.  And 49 seconds.

Sorry.  Please, watch the whole thing!  Her talk is not just about writing, it’s actually a very good message.  I’m not just trying to sell this to you now (it’s free anyway), I really think you should watch it.

Post what you though in the comments, please.

YOU ARE NOT WASTING 20 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE I PROMISE.  It’s really good.  And if you do think it was a waste of time, (first, you hopefully wont’) take comfort in the fact that it was only 18 minutes and 49 seconds.  Not twenty.

HERE is the link!

^^Right there.


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