Dalai Lama’s Wisdom

Dalai Lama's Wisdom

No surprises here, I was skimming Pinterest this morning, and found this. I thought it was suitable for a beginning-of-the-day quote. Enjoy today!!!

2 thoughts on “Dalai Lama’s Wisdom

  1. can i steal this?

    p.s. i finally updated my blog and am going to write a post…after two months. man, where does time go? loooove reading your posts dahling. keep blogging.
    p.p.s. perhaps a suitable- and already applicable- “main topic” for your blog would be…well, your posts cover a variety of topics; so in my mind, im picturing a bulletin board. little snippets of life that eventually collage into a picture. but maybe the question is what does YOUR picture resemble? idk, just a suggestion. think about it.

  2. haha yeah, feel free to steal 🙂 And also. thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely think about that. I also read your newest post, and I absolutely love it! It sums everything up really amazingly well.

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