“Sweet Smell,” It Said…

My house.  Smells like wet dog.  This evening, my sister and I gave our puppy dog a bath.  She is a nine or ten year old Yellow Lab who acts like she is two.  A few times she did the Beethoven thing where she shakes and gets everyone wet and soapy, bug it’s fine because I took a shower immediately after.  This “puppy shampoo” was said to have a “sweet smell.”  Sorry, but sweet smell, my ass.  The stench of wet dog is penetrating all rooms of my house and there is nothing I can do but spray Pink body spray everywhere she goes.  But I found that the combination of those two smells make for an even worse one.

Bottom Line:  No matter how much Febrezze you spray in your house, “eau de wet chien.”

Wet dog is one of those smells you can’t describe using other adjectives, really.  Like “it smells vaguely like… I dunno, water?  Does water have a scent?  Then it mostly smells like dog… and… water…”  It just can’t be done!  Other indescribable smells:


Spray paint (“uhh, it smells like, paint…  in a can?”)

*my dog is now laying next to me as I type this…*

Most fruits.  Though you can describe them with words like “sweet” or “sour…”  Does sour have a smell?  Like if you smell Sour Patch Kids, if you’ve never had them before would you know they were sour (if you also hadn’t seen the title)?

I’m sure there are plenty of others.

Sometimes I wonder what “wet cat” smells like, but then I remember that we always seem to forget to cut our cats’ claws, so maybe that would not be such a smart idea.  Does is smell like wet dog does?  If it does, I’m sure any cat would deny this.  If cats could talk.  (Un?)fortunately, no form of natural selection has given them the gift of speech as of yet, and I would be kind of scared if they eventually obtained the ability to communicate in other ways besides swishing tails and making various mewing noises.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at here is that looks can be deceiving.  So can advertisements.  Ads are almost always deceiving.  It’s funny how we perceive things to be totally different from what we find out they are actually like.  For example.  There is a table of kids in my art elective who talk about some very, very weird things, and I am annoyed by just about everything they say or do.  But then I think, “what if that were me and my friends?  We all talk about weird things sometimes, so maybe I shouldn’t judge.”  But then I forgive myself and go back to happily judging everybody without a thought as to what goes on in their lives or what thoughts are going through their brains.  I can often be a very insensitive person.  Not the point, but a true observation.

Books!  Books are the very absolute perfect example of “looks can be deceiving” and “not judging by appearance”  or (you knew this was coming)  “DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER.”  I am also guilty of this in the literal sense:

Me:  “I have nothing to read.”

Library:  “I am full of books!!!”

Me:  “No, all your books are outdated and dumb.  I’m going to mope around now and avoid studying for a while instead of reading anything that has even the slightest possibility of containing quality entertainment.”

True story, though unfortunately, libraries cannot speak, much like cats.  So mostly true.

And in the metaphorical sense of not judging a book by it’s cover, well, that is potentially a fatal mistake.  Watch any CIA television show, or something about spies.  “Hey, that look like an ordinary brief case–BAM.  Oohhh, it was a bomb.”  Too late.  And though in those shows they are fictitious, that actually does happen.  But that is an example to the extremity of this metaphorical phrase.  I’m sure you can supply yourself with much more relevant examples that are more down to earth.

I’ve just thought of another non-down to earth.  You know those things that come up on Facebook and whatnot that are like:  “Worst tattoos” and “Celebrities without makeup”  or Glamour Magazine’s “Who wore it better?”  I found one about celebrities when they were younger.  Ryan Seacrest.  Oh my.  Poor child.  He said he was bullied when he was younger for his weight.  What?  Look at the cutie now!  I can’t find the link right now, but I’m sure you could get a photo off of Google or something.  It’s adorable.

I guess talking about wet dog smell was not the best lead in to this, but if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how I go off on tangents.  Well, have a good weekend friends, if I don’t post again.  Enjoy the sunshine if you have it in your area…)!!!

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