Hello, Goodbye

Hey friends…  So I lied.  On Tuesday (I think) I told you guys I would blog tomorrow (which would be Wednesday) BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME AND I’M REALLY SORRY.  So here’s my corresponding blog ONE DAY LATE.

I’d like to talk about goodbyes…

Goodbyes are the worst thing ever.  And there’s only one thing that is just as bad as saying goodbye, which is NOT saying goodbye.  Yes,  I just contradicted myself.  Sue me.  Not that I’ll be saying goodbye to my blog any time soon, even if it is just barely limping along.  That’s okay.  So goodbyes.  When you say goodbye for what you’re pretty sure is the last time, you tend to only remember that person that way.  At least that’s how it is with me…  And then I come across something that just reminds me so vividly of those that I’ve lost in some way.  And it’s like meeting them all over again, like you’re going through all of the experiences you had with that person all over again, but just over the course of a few minutes.

Living near an army base, I’ve had to say quite a few goodbyes to some people who had grown to be some of my best friends.  Last year was probably the worst.  They were people who I’d spent almost all of my time with, in and outside of school in some way and it was weird because they were leaving.

My friend was having her birthday party, and invited all of these people.  And it’s not like that was an accident.  After all of the presents were opened, and all of the cake was eaten, and we’d screamed and laughed and swam and ran to our heart’s content, we sat down in the street.  My birthday friend lives on an ‘O’ type of thing where there’s a circular road with an island, and one road off of that (I guess it’s more of a ‘Q’ then…) so only residents really ever drive back there.  After a while, we all started crying because we knew the goodbyes would be soon.  How powerful is something that can make you cry just by knowing that it’s close?

It was just kind of heartbreaking.  Like Emily Dickinson said, “Parting is all we know of heaven, and all we need to know of hell.”  That basically sums up a goodbye I think.  In a way it’s like a gift.  You get to see someone one last time and forgive each other and laugh about the “good old times.”  And cry.  A lot.  But then again, you also know that you will never see them again…

Goodbyes are also the worst part of meeting new people who you know are going to leave.  It doesn’t really seem to be a problem for military kids though.  They just see bases as yet another place they have to live.  Yeah, they meet cool people, but they’ve met more interesting people.  One of my friends says “I’m ready to move” a lot, because she’s never lived anywhere longer than 4 years.  I personally cannot imagine moving every two or three years and having to leave all of my friends behind.

And I know that one day, I’m going to be the one leaving.  For college or for work, and maybe I won’t see my best friends again, for a long time any way.  And I’m looking forward to college, but not to goodbye.

But I have a little while until then to make all of the best memories I can.

“Album”, Song, and Artist Suggestions…

“Good News for People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse

Imagine Dragons

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

Daylight by Matt & Kim

Miike Snow

Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

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