Technologically Challenged in a Techy-Tech World

So for the past hour, I’ve been creating and trashing page after page and multiple categories TRYING to figure out how to put a “sub-page” in an existing page.  Let me just say, it is ten twenty and I am at wit’s end.  Now you’re like.  So just go to bed, stupid.  But I’m stubborn like that.  Kind of.  See, I’ve sort of given up on this sub-page thing for now, still hopelessly confused.  (Je ne comprende pas.)  So if anyone has any input, please comment…  But with my views lately, I don’t think very many of you have a blog connected to wordpress…  But if you do, and just so happen to be a master at such navigation techniques, PLEASE HELP ME.  Yes, I have read the help thingys, and no, I still don’t get it.  I’m sorry for being a pitiful Tech-Age human…  I’m so mad right now, you guys don’t even get it.  So please help me before I seriously injure something or someone…  Thanks… ♥

PS:  If you think you can help, please comment and I will explain more deeply my predicament…  Thanks again guys!

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