It’s Tuesday Again, and I Probably Have ADD

Hm.  Curious, is it not?  That Tuesday has rolled around again…  Now, why is that?  Sure, the days cycle round and round in some seemingly endless circle, but can every seventh day really be called the same darn thing  over and over and over and over and over (I think you get the point…) and over again?!  Because last Tuesday was quite different from today’s Tuesday.  Sure, I went to school again.  I attended the same classes in the same order, starting and ending at the same time as every other Tuesday.  Yep, I returned to my ever-entertaining photography class (where I actually DO learn things).  But.


No, I didn’t learn the same thing in History class today, I didn’t wear last Tuesday’s outfit, my hair is probably different.  So what right does this day claim by any means to be called Tuesday YET AGAIN?  When did this never-ending cycle of Tuesdays and Thursdays and Mondays and Saturdays begin?  Please, not answer that specific rhetorical question with a smart-ass, logical-like statistic, because in all honesty, I DON’Y GIVE A [insert profanity of choice].  (I can’t use more than one cuss word per sentence guys… My mama reads this blog!  Sometimes…  That’s why I give you the choice.  It’s like an interactive game.  Ignoring this and moving on.)   Can we spell it differently at least?  Or de-capitalize it?  Or SOMETHING PLEASE TO END THIS MONOTONY.  Because frankly, I’m tired of Tuesdays, and tuesdays, and Twosdays, and toozdais, and all of that repetition.  I feel like we don’t think about these things until we really sit down and THINK about these things.  And THINK.  Ponder, contemplate, consider, whatever you want, speaking of repetition (thinkthinkthink when does it end?).  Such redundancy reminds me of fifth grade, when we knew no other words for ‘said’ albeit ‘said’ itself.  And it was everywhere.  In our creative writing assignments, our persuasive essays, our speech.  “Blah blah blah,” he said.  “Well blah blah blah,” she said.  “So blah blah blah,” he said.  So we made lists upon lists upon lists of options for words besides the dreaded ‘said.’  But in many sites I’ve read about writing stories and novels and whatnot, they almost always seem to be very firm that you USE SAID AND SAID ONLY.   Okay, exaggeration.  But they warn against the over-use of other words for ‘said.’

So now I’m just thinking, my life is a complete mess.  I’m conflicted on whether or not to use said in my stories that are always in progress (though i have yet to finish one).  But if you pick up a book and turn it to a page with dialogue, then I can ALMOST guarantee that the author will use ‘said’ at least 50% of the time, unless it’s an argument and everyone’s angry and about to beat everyone around them to a pulp.  Now, I bet you’re like, “Psh, c’mon that’s total bullshit” but I kid you not.  So maybe you’ll pick up a book  with an author who doesn’t like the word ‘said’ and you see all sorts of colorful language like ‘exclaimed’ and ‘interrogated’ and ‘alleged’ and ‘bellowed’ and you’ll still be like, “yeah, I was right,” and I’m all for that, but if you’re reading a book and you’re into the story, you’re lovin’ the plot and how the author can twist words and make you feel like you know the characters, are you really going to notice if they use ‘said’ instead of ‘replied?’  Be honest.

If you’re being completely honest, the answer is probably NO.  But I don’t know you.  I don’t know your life, so maybe the answer is something more like ‘UM OF COURSE,” hey, I wouldn’t know.  But for me the answer is a sheepish kind of no…

And I love words.  I’m not a total nerd, but I love vocab stuff in English class.  (And you’re like “Yeah, coming from the person who says stuff all the time,” but I’m serious.  I love to learn about words and hear them and read them, I have lists of words in my room of ‘Loves’ and ‘Hates.’  Like ‘moist.’  Ew.  That is a disgusting word.  And it’s not even because of any connotations or anything, I just think the way the word sounds is gross.  Now on, I have recently come across lists of ‘the prettiest words in the English language.’  And they’re right.  Just the way a word sounds, with the combonation of letters and the soft “C” and the silent “K” and the long vowels.   There are studies on the way words sound in relation to their beauty.  Not kidding, look it up.  And if I’m wrong (which is entirely possible, seeing as I’m hallucinatory sometimes), there are at least surveys for that type of thing.   That being said.  The first word on one of the lists is “abattoir”  phonetically spelled out: aah (like ‘bat’)-buh (like ‘above’)-twar (like… umm… having troubles with that one…).  But isn’t s a beautiful word?  The way it rolls off your tongue, just sounds gorgeous doesn’t it?  Wanna guess what that means?  “A slaughterhouse; massacre.”  What?

How can such a beautiful word mean something so… evil?  Dastardly?  Is there some sort of obsession with sugarcoating ugly words like murder?  And don’t take this the wrong way, but the word ‘slaughter’ just seems…  kind of pretty to me.  Don’t go calling the doctors on me, but just the way it sounds.  Makes it…  I’m having trouble even saying anything without sounding like a psychopath.  I’m pretty sure I’m not one, don’t worry.

So there I go again, being all ADD (by the way in typing that, I just realized that ‘bring’ and ‘being’ are only one letter apart…).  Tuesdays to words, I really did have  a point.  But I don’t want to go in circles all over again, in fear of boring my two readers and losing them.  So I’ll end it here with beautiful words.

Melodious, Miraculous, Moving, Melancholy Music:

Sleeping Sickness by City in Colour

Here We Are by Patrick Park

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

White Blank Page by Mumford & Sons

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