Three Points

Hello, friends.  So a little while ago, I returned from a photography class I just started taking at our local arts centre, and let me just say, it was thoroughly entertaining.  Not to say I didn’t learn anything, just that in ADDITION to learning did I have a good time.  For a while, he talked about what exactly we were going to be doing over the next 6 weeks.  He was very  adamant that it would not be a class where we learned about our cameras, it was called a PHOTOGRAPHY class for a reason.  We were there to learn photography technique, through which we would be able to use and understand our cameras better.

Well, the teacher (I hesitate to use that word–not that he isn’t an educator, just that the class is less formal than that, I think.  Let’s go with ‘instructor’) got around to Star-Wars and Pada-wans and Jedis and what have you (I’m sorry, Star-Wars fans, if I killed the spellings etc.), saying that he was like Obi-Wan and we were his Pada-Wan students or something.  At that point, I realized he was even more ADD than I am!  Which made me kinda glad that he wasn’t going to be strict.  Anyway.

At that point, I was learning AND not being bored to death.  He didn’t lecture or drone necessarily, but I guess it all depends of perspective.  For example, if  you hated photography, then you probably would have gotten up and left.  Obviously.

So, following the title of this post, here is…

POINT ONE:  These days, due to camera phones and nice social media networks like Instagram, everybody seems to think everybody is a photographer.  I’m sorry, but we’re not all as skilled as Ashton Kutcher with our nifty, megazoom cameras, or whatever it is exactly that he is advertising.  He distracts me.  Guy, the instructor, decided to imitate the panorama commercial with the little girl, and got kind of… ah what’s a good word?  Passionate.  He said something like: “I’ve had to bust my ass to get a picture to do what that little girl could to with an iPhone.”  Yeah, and it wasn’t me who added in the ‘bust my ass bit.’  I think he and I are going to get along fairly well.  So, if you couldn’t tell, my first point was sort of getting at the advancements in technology.  They don’t seem as huge to me because I’ve grown up with tech-y stuff all around me, though I will admit, I am in awe of what technology can do.  But only if I stop and think about it.  Otherwise, I’m just like “oh yeah, I have to text so-and-so about that whatever” when oh-so-long-ago, I would have had to take five, ten, perhaps even twenty minutes to actually sit down and write a letter, or Heaven forbid!  Have an actual face-to-face conversation with that person.  People and their innovations are truly amazing.  They never cease to amaze me, whether that’s due to ingenuity of stupidity.  That concludes point one.

POINT TWO:  I sort of alluded to this in POINT ONE while talking about Instagram etc.  Everyone thinks they are a photographer, but alas, that is not true!  (Okay, so maybe I did more than allude.  It was like a sneak peak.  A big one.)  Photography is more than just snapping a pretty picture of flowers and calling it art, or posting your lunch on Instagram, because EVERYBODY WANTS TO KNOW WHAT YOU ATE TODAY, NO THANK YOU.  It requires technique and a passion for what you do, or what your subject is, or what you’re suggesting from your photograph.  And I am in no way saying that I am an expert photographer, I’m not lecturing you on what you should or shouldn’t do.  That is why I’m not the one teaching the class.  So there’s my opinion.

And without further ado:  POINT THREE:  Guy made us give a little background info on why we were taking this class and whatnot, and the first person to go was a young woman who had had a stroke three years ago and used photography to express herself because she has Aphasia, which is when, due to brain damage, an individual can’t use or comprehend language as well as they previously could have.  It’s like a speech disability.  I thought her story was really cool, because she went to Africa and took some pictures, which was where she found that she and others really like the photos she’d taken.  So, my POINT THREE is self expression, and art is a ginormous part of that.  Dancing, singing, painting, etc, are all great outputs for expression, and I think it’s important for people to have those outputs.  They are a way of letting out emotions without necessarily talking about your feelings to another person.  That’s important because when our emotions get pent up inside, all bottled up, that pressure has a tendency to explode, sending shards of glass every which way, not only affecting us, but those we care about, or just happen to interact with.  That’s why judging people based on first impressions isn’t such a great idea.  You never know, someone could just be having a bad day, which is why they were such a jerk to you the other day.  But judging people is an entirely different blog that I’ll save for another day, seeing as I was trying to get to bed kinda early tonight.  Ah well, things rarely go as planned…  Which is why we should always expect something to go wrong.  That’s not even just normal pessimistic me, it’s just life.

And on that happy note, I bid you adieu.  And good night.  And however else you depart from another person or audience on the internet… ♥

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