How To Not Care

So I haven’t blogged for a while.  I’ve been a little down for a while.   I stopped blogging because I figured no one looked at it anyway, so what was the point of posting anything?  What was the point of trying to come up with a clever phrase or a witty saying if no one was going to appreciate my efforts?

That was the original reason I stopped blogging.  I never picked it back up because I was ‘too busy’ Pinning things, or watching shows on Amazon, or ‘doing homework.’  And after a while I just sort of… Forgot about it…

So for a while, I wallowed around in my own self-pity, wondering why people didn’t like what I wrote, didn’t like my style of writing, or just didn’t like ME on general principal.  bu after a few days, I figured I may as well blog just to blog.

But when I started a new post, I just had nothing to say.  But now I think I’ve got a little something for you, any of you, all of you, or just singularly, YOU.

It’s about caring.  Or rather, lack thereof.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in my not-too-long life, it’s that you can’t always let things get to you.  Now, I’m not saying build yourself a nice, big ol’ brick wall around your heart or anything like that.  Also, you have to GET OVER YOURSELF.  I often have trouble with that.  I find, on any given day, that most of my thoughts are about myself.  Does my hair look okay?  I’m hungry, I’m bored.  I’m tired.  I have so much homework.

I feel like that’s just how the average person’s brain works.  We’re wired to survive, so thinking of ourselves first can be important in some cases, but that only gets us so far.  Will a bad hair day kill you?  Maybe, you never know about that head of frizzy hair.

What I actually meant was no.  No, it’s not going to kill you.  It might bring down  your self-esteem a little, lessen your ego, but that’s not going to physically hurt you.  Pride is a big thing, and we think it can be hurt in the same ways that flesh can be hurt.  Perhaps our pride can lead to some physical pain, here is where Not Caring comes in.

If we don’t care what people think, then how can we get hurt, right?  Maybe that’s true, but is there really anyone who completely and totally, wholly, DOES NOT CARE about what others think of them–what they look like, how they talk, what they wear?  Never have I come across someone like that.

There’s a difference between pride and confidence.  Perhaps you can’t tell the difference from outward appearance, but I’m pretty damn sure that they are very, very different.  (Excuse my language.)

If you’re confident in how you look–you like the way you dress, you like your style, you know it well, and your sporting a nice new pair of kicks, then who’s going to stop you?  Don’t let the opinions of others get in the way of what make you feel good.  Don’t let other people get in the way of what you enjoy doing.

So people don’t like you.  Get over it.  Not everyone in life is going to love you and worship the ground you walk on.  Now I just sound mean and harsh.  But in truth, that’s the best way to tell it to yourself.  Snap out of it.  Get over yourself.  At least it works for me.  Yeah, I’m still probably going to shuffle around the house in slippers and sweatpants and a cozy sweatshirt with tea in one hand and tissues in the other, crying because I had a fight with my friend or because so-and-so is angry with me.  I’m still going to mope around because the whole world doesn’t love me.

This idea of Not Caring is just an idea that I follow when I can.  Only a theory, really.  Don’t close yourself off from the world, hoping that someone will notice, because you can’t rely on others to stroke your ego and pity you.  (Not to say you should have a big head.  That just gets annoying.)  You stand up and start not caring what they think.  Get some actual work done in the library instead of sitting with them.  Sometimes, we just need a break from one another.  Sit with them tomorrow.

So maybe he or she is mad at you.  Instead of waiting for them to apologize, you go do it yourself.  Fix the problem.  Take matters into your own hands.  Don’t let  your ego get in the way of your relationships.  Don’t let someone else’s get in the way either.  So what John Doe is rude to you?  Kill him with kindness, ignore his insults the best you can.  I know, I know, much easier said than done.  But what’s the harm in trying?

I started blogging again because I wanted to blog.  I started blogging again because I enjoy it, I don’t care if people read it or not.  So there you go.

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