The Chocolate Legacy

Let’s chat.  About food of course!!!  The other day, I made stuffed French toast.  Let.  Me.  Just.  Say.  DEELICIOUS!!!  Not to, uh, brag or anything. But I highly recommend that you try it!  I can’t take credit for this recipe, of course.  I found it whilst I was scanning Pinterest.  So if you’re interested in making this delicious dish HERE IS THE LINK.  And here’s a not so good photo of how mine turned out.  Image

I used different bread and made a sandwich-type-thing with 2 slices of bread because I am a FOODIE.  I am saying this in the nicest way possible:  Please, deal with my food obsession.

Let’s talk about my Pinterest board unoriginally named “Food <3.”  Seeing as food is almost as important to me as not being naked, it is my second board, only after my clothes board.  And if you follow me on this fabulous, addictive site, you will see that I go through ‘fads’ on my food board.  My most recent one being chocolate anything.  It was French toast prior to that, and then asparagus, and more chocolate.

Certain foods, unlike clothing though, never go out of style.  Chocolate lovers will always love chocolate.  And their love of this delectable food will cause them to always be searching the internet for MORE CHOCOLATE RECIPES TO MAKE SO THAT THERE IS NEVER A SHORTAGE OF CHOCOLATE IN THEIR HOUSE.  And perhaps they will find a recipe from 1889 from someone or other’s great-great-somebody and then get to wondering “Perhaps my great-great-aunt Gertrude has an old recipe in her cabinet that’s been passed on to my great-uncle Rasputin that I could perhaps, just maybe get my hands on and continue this grand chocolate legacy.”  Thus the cycle begins.

By now you’re probably wondering what the point of this post is.  

I’ll tell you.

It’s important to continue things like very old chocolate recipes because of tradition and the sake of old times.  I, personally, do love traditions.  They bring people together with fantastic memories and good laughs.

Whether it’s just going to Grandma’s house for Christmas, or there’s an annual glass-squeaking competition every year, memories like these are good to have.  Because when you’re 94 and have Alzheimer’s, those are what you’re going to retain.

Cheerful, isn’t it?

But I think you get the message.

You know what else is great?  STARTING a new tradition!  So go on and be all tradition-y, and spread the word!

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