Miss Brightside

The Killers have a song called Mr. Brightside.  We won’t go into what the rest of the song is about.  But there’s a line in the chorus that goes something like this: “jealousy, turning saints into the sea.”  I’ll leave it up to you for interpretation.  But what I’m going to focus on in my Pilot post is just that. JEALOUSY.  The great, big, green monster of envy.  It’s somewhere down there in all of us.  But some of us keep it contained better than others.  I’m not exactly one of those people who’s so great at keeping my monster (let’s name him Edgar) under the radar.  Of course, everybody gets a little jealous.  My friend is going to prom with her boyfriend.  Guess who’s not going?  I don’t think it’d be very hard to guess.  (For those of you who didn’t pick up on that not-so-subtle hint, it’s me that’s not going.)  Of COURSE I’m happy for her.  I really, really am.  But that doesn’t stop Edgar from rearing his head.  (But don’t worry, she said I was allowed to do her hair, and possibly makeup, so all is well!)

I think jealousy has kind of a bad rap.  A lot of emotions do.  But we’re not going to talk about those other misunderstood emotions right now.  Where was I?

I think good things can come from jealousy.  Yes, I did say good.  Sure, sometimes it can destroy relationships and ruin your reputation.  But that’s only if you let your inner Edgar take control.  In fact, jealousy is one reason I actually started this blog.  (We’ll see how it goes now, having said that.)  One of my good friends also recently started a blog.  So of course I was curious.  I knew she was a very good writer and has a very deep thought process, so I figured it would be pretty good.

Well gee, was I shocked.

Know why?

Because it was awesome-er than I had imagined!

She and I have similar interests in relation to writing (in a way.  I’m not exactly sure how else to explain it).  We both want to be journalists and love writing, though we have fairly different styles.  Also, she is a much better poet than I am (Edgar is getting agitated at the very thought).  I promise I have a point to this.

We’ll get there eventually.

So as I was reading her blog I was like “Whoa, I’ve never thought of that in this way before” and “She brings up a good point in saying this,” and things like that.

Edgar was having other thoughts.  For example:  “Why can’t I write like that?”  “Why didn’t come up with the idea to start a blog?”

And really, I’d like to blame those on Edgar, but I have to take responsibility for them.  Edgar is not only my jealousy monster, but kind of like my alter ego.  i battle him everyday, and I’d love to say that I always come out on top, but that would be a lie.

But if Edgar and I can collaborate (if he’s in a good mood), then something more like this occurs.

So here’s my point in a nutshell:  Had it not been for jealousy, I would never have started this blog.  I would never have had a good learning experience like this one.  i won’t go so far as to say that this blog is a good thing, or will turn out to be as such, but it’s certainly a new start, and a new opportunity, both of which I think are good.  I like the start of good things.

Wait!  Don’t leave!  You should visit my friend’s blog HERE!!!!

And you may like her more sophisticated style better, and I can’t blame you for that.  Thanks for taking the time to read!

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